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Punching air has never felt this good!

  • Step inside the game and turn yourself into a kung-fu hero!
  • Use your own moves to punch and kick your way through comic-book villains!
  • Leap through the air, conjure lightning and shoot flaming arrows!
  • Star in your own kung-fu comic book!


  • Story mode with 22 levels
  • 8 replayable challenges for daily fun
  • One-Shot Mode for staging your own finishing moves

This game is suitable for all ages, shapes and sizes, and may result in getting seriously fit.

Unite '16 Europe
Amsterdam, May 31 - June 2

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Selected Articles

  • "Perhaps the best-ever video game for fitness & exercise." -- 5/5 stars
    - XboxFitness.org
  • "Kung-Fu for Kinect is the most complete and well rounded Kinect game of all time, and truly is a fun game to play. I suggest picking it up as soon as you get the chance." -- 80%
    - Mike Boccher, 1080Players
  • "The kids always want a go after you are done though, which is the hallmark of a successful game." -- 4/5 stars
    - Chris O'Toole, All About the Games
  • "Kung-Fu for Kinect is both hardcore and demanding on your senses."
    "It really does show you how great of a time you can have when a developer masters the hardware."
    -- 8/10
    - Asher Madan, ICXM.net
  • "I got my 3 year old daughter to play. [...] The amount of fun she has with Kung-Fu for Kinect every time I load it up is amazing, and she is now asking if she can play the 'hi-yah!' game daily." -- 70%
    - Adam Dileva, Xbox Addict
  • "This is most certainly a game that gives you one hell of a workout." -- 3.5/5
    - Neil Watton, The Xbox Hub
  • "Everyone with a Kinect device should at least try out this fighting game!" -- 91%
    - Dae Jim, Life Is Xbox
  • "Kung-Fu for Kinect is simply the best Xbox One Kinect title to date." -- 81%
    - GamingDadUK, Xbox Sector
  • "This was definitely the reason the Kinect was made for as it's just a ton of fun and it's crazy to see yourself in the title fighting people." -- 9.5/10
    - Jason Stettner, GamerHeadquarters
  • "Kung-Fu for Kinect will offer you actual exercise. Will give fun and entertainment for the whole family." -- 8/10
    - Ricardo Silva, Xbox: Game ON!
  • "... y es increíble lo bien que responde Kinect, tanto para recortar nuestra silueta como para detectar nuestros movimientos."
    "Ya sea para jugar solos o con amigos, estamos ante un título que si nos gusta hacer el tonto y tenemos Kinect, es casi un imprescindible."
    -- 8/10
    - Luis Miguel Calzada, Desconsolados.com
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